A Collage of Animals We Have Helped

A Collage of Animals We Have Helped
artwork by Ron Katrick

Friday, February 25, 2011

Max Dixon - The Saga

It started when Tina Dixon got a panicked call from her son saying he had put Max out in the yard and when he let him in, Max couldn't put weight on one leg. Tina flew home and they brought Max to a Petsmart clinic. They gave Max some pain medication, telling Tina to bring Max back if he still couldn't walk. Five days later, Max was still in a lot of pain so Tina brought him to her vet.

The news was devastating. Max had torn ligaments in his knee and complex surgery was needed to put a fake ligament in place of the damaged one --$2,400.00. Tina was able to borrow $1000 as a down payment so the surgery could be done, but she had no idea where the balance would come from. Happily, she was told about No Kill Lehigh Valley and after 3 1/2 hours of surgery, Max's operation was deemed a success! He just had his stitches out today and is able to put weight on the leg for the first time! We were able to pay the balance owed to the vet.

It was Max Dixon's lucky day when he met Tina. She adopted him from the North Shore Animal League's shelter. He had come in as a puppy with a tail broken due to abuse. Tina just wanted to give him the love he had yet to experience. Due to her love and persistence in finding help for him, Max will turn 4 in July romping like a puppy!

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