A Collage of Animals We Have Helped

A Collage of Animals We Have Helped
artwork by Ron Katrick

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lucky is a Parvo Survivor!

This adorable 4 month-old pup was recently purchased from a breeder. She was happy-go-lucky at first but then became lethargic and began vomiting. Her owner rushed her to Valley Central where the diagnosis was grim --- Parvo! Often a death sentence for a puppy.

Unfortunately, his owner could not afford to hospitalize him and without aggressive treatment and hospitalization, this puppy would undoubtedly die. No Kill Lehigh Valley authorized one night of hospitalization to see how he responded to treatment. Luckily, the next morning this pup's white blood cell count increased, which is a good sign, and he was much more lively. We authorized another night of hospitalization and then had him transferred to Dr. Karen's Critter Care where he was discharged after a third day of care!

Lucky has a very appropriate name!

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